Cheap Vinyl Banners 6ft x 2ft Printing


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Cheap Vinyl Banners 6ft x 2ft Printing

The 6ft x 2ft banner is one of the most recognisable items of The Print Geeks printing products range. You’ll see them everywhere hanging outside shop fronts, at country fairs and community events, hung from bridges, attached to fences… they’re a great way to make a big impact to passing footfall without the big budgets required for things like billboard advertising.

We’ve seen some great examples of our trade printing 6ft x 2ft banners, including temporary signage, promoting in store events and sales, celebrating corporate milestones, directing visitors and catching attention from surrounding areas with heavy footfall or vehicle traffic.

These banners also make the ideal branded backdrops to market stalls or as covers for the leg area of display tables. Charity and community events can benefit too, from a branded banner to work as concert and photo call back drops for speakers, ceremonies or shows.

Our 6ft x 2ft trade printed banners are durable and long-lasting; printed on high quality 440 gsm material.

The 6ft x 2ft size makes them perfect for transport and assembly, easy for individuals or small teams to hang or remove on most surfaces while not being too heavy to transport by hand or fold for storage. From further away the 6ft x 2ft banner can still be seen easily, making it ideal for passing traffic either on foot or by car, as well as in large crowds and audience type environments.

They are an investment piece that you will see benefit from time and again, with every use.

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