Feather Flag


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Feather Flags

Our Feather flags are sure to attract your customers attention for your next promotion or event. Our flags are finished to the highest standard possible using high quality fabrics.

Flag Sizes : 2.3 meters, 3.2 meters, 4.1 meters and 5.1 meters 


Shapes & Bases

Choose a Base that best fits your requirements. If your Flag will be mostly outdoors, consider if it will be on grass or on hard surfaces. If indoors maybe a light base may suit your application.


The bases that we have available are 

Ground Spike

Water Bag/Ring

Car Wheel



Because we are so sound we have included the base an No Extra Cost to you.


Artwork : If you do not have your own artwork, we can supply at a charge of €99

Sending us files is easy! If you want to send us images, logos or your artwork. Use www.wetransfer.com to send us anything you want to.
Because we have such sound Geeks we have decided to give you free shipping. I know, we're pretty awesome.